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Statement from New Georgia Project Action Fund CEO Following Georgia’s Important Presidential Primary Election 


(Atlanta, GA) – New Georgia Project Action Fund CEO, Kendra Cotton, released the below statement following Georgia’s Presidential Primary Election, which secured the Democratic nomination for President Joe Biden and underscored Georgia’s pivotal role as a key, battleground state. 

“Once again, Georgia has proven that we are the voters that can and will determine the outcome of federal elections in this country. Whether it’s the general Presidential contest in 2020, Tuesday’s Presidential Primary Election, or the general election in November, one thing is clear: Georgia matters. Tuesday’s results prove that both campaigns, donors, and anyone who cares about the future of our country need to keep Georgia at the top of their priority list, and they need to understand that Georgia voters are paying attention. 

It was Georgia voters who turned out in unprecedented numbers to elect President Biden to his first term. It was Georgia voters who clinched the 2024 Democratic nomination for the President to run for his second term. It was Georgia voters who, on March 12, 2024, cast nearly 20,000 votes for Nikki Haley—a candidate no longer even in the race—to send a clear message that we do not want Donald Trump—a criminal and a liar—as our next President.  

That math is clear: those 20,000 votes are more than the 11,779 votes that handed Donald Trump a loss in 2020 and could be the margin of victory for President Biden come November. But even this potential margin is slim and not enough right now to guarantee Joe Biden another W this year. He must do more to shore up support from the voters who helped secure his first victory; he must do more for Black Georgians.  

New Georgia Project Action Fund talks to Georgia voters every day. Last night, we convened 50 Black Georgians to hear directly from them how they are feeling about this election year, if they plan on voting, and what they need from the candidates and our country to feel like their votes are powerful. The key takeaway: when engaged, provided with information, and reminded of their power, Black voters—even those otherwise unenthusiastic—remain committed to showing up. While they are not ‘excited’ about the candidates, they are motivated by issues and want to hear more about what the candidates have done and plan to do about the issues that matter to them: voting rights, access to healthcare, affordable housing, and more. They understand that to create change for themselves, their families, and their communities, they must and will participate.  

My organization was able to have these meaningful conversations with Black voters on a Tuesday night because we know that this is what is needed to get and keep folks engaged. Relying on Black voters’ resolve is a flimsy strategy and should never be the electoral gold standard, especially for the President and his party.  

The President and his party need to do more to ensure the voters who have shown up for them in the past will show up again this November and for years to come. That means prioritizing Georgia on the path to 270, talking directly with Black voters here about how the Biden Administration has made their day-to-day lives easier, and that means showing up and making meaningful investments in Georgia yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Without that, we can’t guarantee that Black Georgia voters will remain resolved forever.”