Thank you for voting in the May21st Election!

2024 is a critical election year. In the May 21 general primaries, we get to choose progressive champions who will stand up for our rights and support our communities. From school board to U.S. House Reps, our vote has the power to build a new Georgia.


Find your progressive home with NGPAF: Georgia is growing and evolving, and we need your support in continuing this transformation. We need your help in cultivating those relationships in your community. All communities should be afforded equal access to resources that make them prosper. Our goal is to work together to connect us with folks whose homes, jobs, and lives depend on the evolution of Georgia.

What Do We Do

NGPAF is on a mission to increase the civic participation of the New Georgia Majority—Black, Latinx, AAPI, and young Georgians—and other historically marginalized communities by building grassroots political power in support of progressive leaders, policies, and issues.

Our Vision for the Future

We envision a new Georgia where everyone can freely and equitably participate in our democracy. Where the power of historically marginalized communities is fully recognized and valued. Where all Georgians can live with dignity and thrive.


Your contribution helps us organize, energize, and mobilize more Georgians to make their voices heard. Help us build a new Georgia by investing in NGPAF today!


Our movement is people powered, and that includes you. Volunteer with NGPAF to help us build power, expand the electorate, and win more progressive victories in Georgia.