For Immediate Release
March 1, 2024
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New Georgia Project Action Fund Launches Massive Get-Out-the-Vote Field Program During Pivotal Election Year 


(Atlanta, GA) With eight months to go before a contentious, high-stakes Presidential election, New Georgia Project Action Fund is lauching a massive voter mobilization campaign to turn out hundreds of thousands of Black, Brown, and young voters in our nation’s newest battleground state. Built on years of electoral organizing and strategic outreach and engagement to Georgia voters, NGPAF aims to knock more than 3 million doors and have close to 400,000 face-to-face conversations with Georgia voters to mobilze them to the polls this year.  

“Knocking millions of doors is what’s required to make sure Black and young Georgians get out to vote in every election this year,” says New Georgia Project Action Fund Field Director, Elijah Grace. “We have field offices in every corner of this state, from Metro Atlanta to Savannah, from Albany to Augusta, and you can expect to see our team in the streets talking directly with voters, which we know is the most effective way to move them to the polls. We’ve been doing voter engagement work for years, and we know what Black voters in Georgia care about: more money in their pockets, providing for their families, and raising their kids in safe and healthy communities. These are the issues we’ll be talking to voters about and these are the issues they have the power to change when they vote.”  

NGPAF will launch get-out-the-vote canvassers from 12 field offices around the state with program ramp ups ahead of the May 21 primary election and November 5 general election. With President Biden winning Georgia by less than 12,000 votes in 2020, the organization will be engaging and mobilizing voters that could, once again, decide the outcome of a Presidential race that will determine the future of our country.  

“This election cycle is going to be a tough road to hoe, but we are not deterred in the slightest” says New Georgia Project Action Fund CEO, Kendra Cotton. “Let’s set the record straight. The massive turnout we’ve seen in Georgia in previous elections is a direct result of grassroots organizations like ours mobilizing and moving hundreds of thousands of folks to the polls. We’ve been on the ground talking with Black Georgians day in and day out, all year, every year. In truth, a lot of Black voters in Georgia are not enthusiastic about voting this cycle. But we make sure they know that they have a clear choice between a President who has passed policies that bring resources and investment to our communities or a criminal who continues to lie to the American people and destroy our democracy. We give voters a reason to go to the polls, and, once they are there, we trust they will make the right choice.” 

NGPAF invites members of the press to speak to organizational leaders about our get-out-the-vote efforts and to join its canvass team as they talk to voters on the doors every day across the state, including in Metro Atlanta, Albany, Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Valdosta, and Macon. 


New Georgia Project Action Fund and its affiliated organization, New Georgia Project, have knocked more than 5 million doors across the state since 2020 in an effort to build power with and increase the civic engagement of the New Georgia Majority—Black, Brown, and young voters who have been left out and underestimated for too long.