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New Georgia Project Action Fund 

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New Georgia Project Action Fund CEO, Kendra Cotton, released the following statement in response to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s announcement that a grand jury has indicted President Donald Trump.  

“Former President Trump is a threat to our democracy, plain and simple. He is a stain on our nation’s history, yet somehow—even with a fourth indictment carrying 13 felony charges for him alone—this irredeemably flawed, amoral, bigoted, narcissist is still able to stand for election to our country’s highest office. Again. It’s shameful.  

Despite the blatant lies Trump has spread as our country’s gas lighter-in-chief, Americans know the truth. We all heard the call that Trump made in January 2021 urging the Georgia Secretary of State to find fictitious votes to overturn the results of a Presidential election that he clearly lost. We all remember the slate of fake electors that Trump helped assemble who were willing to lie in a rogue plot to keep Donald Trump in office. We’ve all seen the Coffee County security footage. We all watched as the then-President urged his supporters to stage a violent, deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol in the name of his Big Lie, for which he is now facing federal felony charges. It’s no surprise that sour grapes, coming from our nation’s leading conspiracy theorist, turned out to be lethal.  

I commend Fulton County DA, Fani Willis, for her fearlessness in holding former President Trump and 18 of his election-denying co-conspirators accountable. As a Black woman in the South going up against the most powerful white supremacist in our country, she has more to lose than to gain here, including her own re-election in 2024. Her commitment to putting the integrity of our elections above her own ego and reputation is far more than we will ever see from the GOP’s disgraceful, leading presidential candidate.  

We also applaud the grand jury for understanding that no one is above the law and for bringing these charges against a dangerous former President and his cronies known for shamelessly attacking innocent Georgians working to uphold our democracy.  

NGPAF condemns any threat to our democracy, and bad actors like former President Trump—whether they are candidates, elected leaders, mouthpieces for extremist political ideologies, or all of the above—must be held accountable. We will always fight back against any attempts to undermine our elections, attack our rights, or energize white nationalist violence. 

As we look to 2024, the GOP should be embarrassed that Donald Trump is their frontrunner. But then again, they’ve always been down to restrict rights, pervert and erase history, and defend anyone and anything that will help them win back or hold on to power—even at the expense of our democracy and the lives of Americans. It is evident that the former President does not have the American people’s interests in mind. I have to wonder how many times his Google search history will show ‘Can running for President keep you out of prison?’.”