Georgia Needs a Change, and We Need It Now. Change Will Only Be Possible With You.
We need you because we care about every Georgian who makes our state unique.
We need you to help us create more opportunities for all Georgians to thrive and mobilize.
We need you to work with us to cultivate all communities and afford them equal access to resources that make them prosper.
We need you to connect us with the people whose homes, jobs, families, and lives depend on a New Georgia.

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Your action means more to us than anything.

Our footprint extends throughout the 584 cities and 159 counties that make up the state. As we take action to address the issues of voter suppression, equity, access, untrustworthy politicians, police brutality, and more that plague Georgia communities — we need you by our side. No one knows your community, better than you. They need your voice and we’ll help you to make it louder. We’ll stop at nothing to see CHANGE. Let’s work together, with you as a member of the New Georgia Project Action Fund.

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