CEO Transition

I Want to Talk About Love

After seven years of hard work and history-making, our beloved leader, Nsé Ufot, will be stepping down from her role

as CEO of New Georgia Project and our affiliated organization, New Georgia Project Action Fund.

“To my courageous NGP fam, to my fellow badass Georgia organizers, to the Georgia voters who have faced and overcome so many obstacles to make their voices heard, to my home state homies: I love you. I want to be clear about that. You are my home. You are where I’ve come from and where I am going. You are the reason that I organize. The love I have for you is at once my organizing foundation, my organizing strategy, and my organizing vision.

– Nsé Ufot, CEO of NGP and NGPAF

Read Nsé’s Love Letter

We are working with Movement Talent and BoardWalk Consulting to find the right talent, energy, and leadership to serve as the next CEO of NGP and NGPAF.

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