BLOC noun


1: A group of people unified around a shared interest and working towards a common goal. A crew.

Examples of “bloc” in a sentence:  

My whole church votes. My whole dorm votes. My whole book club votes. 

“You're a committed Georgia voter, but how about your crew?”

This November, we get to change Georgia. That’s the power of our vote. But we need everyone to show up and show out! And we mean everyone: your best friend, your cousin, that ex you still text every now and then. Become a Bloc Boss with NGPAF’s My Whole Bloc Votes Campaign to get your fam, your besties, your soror, or whoever and however, you define “your bloc” to commit to voting this November. You've got the people. You’ve got the power. Let’s make it happen.

How My Whole Bloc Works

1. Join the My Whole Bloc Votes Campaign and become a Bloc Boss.

2. Make sure you're signed up and ready for one of our Bloc Boss Welcome + Training Calls.

3. Check the mail for your My Whole Bloc Votes Toolkit (yard signs, stickers, t-shirt, welcome letter!)

4. Gather and mobilize your bloc using NGPAF’s app, ACT!VATE.

5. Show off that your whole _____ votes!

6. Be part of history in November!